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Nice to be back in double digit length for this jam. Picture of kathleen turner. It seemed as though every time they miiiiight attempt some long-form jam it was cut short for something else. Hood ass tube. The California Live phrases were just epic. The Farmhouse opener wasn't exactly the epitome of 'high energy' but I always enjoy hearing that song. Aishwarya nude wallpapers. In a vacuum, this show is very solid. Unlike some I like Phish no matter what darn form 1,2, It shows just how much these four mean to each other and how much they value their time together, and while I've often railed against people judging shows notwithstanding the music but just how much fun they had or by some other moronic metric so as to avoid talking about the music, this really does bumps the show up a notch, like Trey dancing in YEM did during last night's abomination of a ''show''.

And seeing phish, even at a bad show like the forum, is still a special experience. The second set picked up right where the fun first set ended. Thank goodness for downloads in Apple Lostless sound. This tour may have had it flaws. It's dark ending seems to be a great vehicle for the band to get warmed up, much like at Wrigley 2.

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WOTC was a nice way to finish the set. Old woman topless. Until it is played without "Tweezer," on the last show of the tour, the final song of the night, when it is completely unexpected. A Tweezer Reprise with alternate, Ass Handed lyrics??? They continue with another mid-tempo song duo in and WITS the slower version which they seem to have brought back this year.

Honestly, I just don't understand how that brains guy who reviewed on this show too can be so negative. Ass Handed lyrics included. Hood ass tube. Generally when I hear those notes I go ballistic, knowing what could possibly come from it. Since then, he has written two novels and a few short stories. A seismic build erupted into a flurry of notes, as Trey and Mike exchanged scales.

BDTNL gave us a bit of a greater while featuring some killer playing, and then the grit got nasty and thick again with Carini, followed by a spirited Hood and Loving Cup. Czech porn star escorts. This was nothing new to them. Mike teased Whipping Post at the end of the first Ass Handed. I was blasting off my flare copter slingshot like crazy at this moment, perfectly boomerang catching it for a change.

Trey didnt miss a note all night.

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Listen to the silent trees. I felt as though they played this one for us. It has a smooth, driving tempo and Page's work on the clavs always gets me moving. On This Date Jul 23, Ass handed is played again, and it's every bit as good as the first. Phish - Washington, DC Jul 23, With all in attendance probably thinking the predictable Tweezer was the obvious choice for the opener, they decide to stun all and open up with I will first start off by giving my honest thoughts about this show in a vacuum, and then provide some overall thoughts about this show in the context of my tour experience.

That was all said to say this: Striking again and again, Trey climbed the scales as Fishman was a flurry of brilliance behind the kit.

Yes I know its petty , I also use you guys to track my stats and feel I got stiffed on a bust out.. Hood ass tube. When put in context of this tour as a whole, it was standard-faire, pre 3.

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